I'll be in the Matterhorn Friday night at 9:30pm.
Saturday, the Foggy Goggle, 4pm to 8pm
DJ Doug is in the Matterhorn at 9:30pm
Sunday, in the Foggy Goggle from 5 to 9pm for an April Fools Party
Like we need anymore fools

According to the locals and reports there is still lots of good snow...a 55 inch base and spring like conditions!
Could change this weekend! Springs rates are in effect! and there are special promos if you have a season pass from another resort or already have your 2001-2002 pass.!

Current Natural Conditions


Conditions are fantastic! Skiing according to Brandee is "fu?king awesome" We received 4"-6" in the last couple days. It is totally freezing cold. Whiteout conditions applied on Tuesday morning. Did I mention it was cold?

I'll keep ya posted!

This weekend's forecast (3/31 - 4/1)

This weekend should bring mid to upper 40's maybe approaching 50. Raining Thursday & Friday, and bringing the sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.

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Take care!

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